Friday 22 July 2011

E noho ra, Bristol

Later today we leave Bristol for the two-hour bus ride to Heathrow. And the marathon 28 hour journey home. Oh Bristol, you made me laugh and you made me cry. You're a cool wee city and you have more than a shadow of fun hovering over you.

The last 15 months haven't always been easy. We've made a lot of mistakes but we've made just as many friends and experienced even more laughs. There have been wonderful times, not so wonderful times and oceans of red wine in between. I cannot tell you how happy I am that today is July 22 2011, and not July 22 2010. But I’m glad we did it, that we made it, and I can’t imagine Bristol not being a part of our narrative.

Now I'm standing on the cusp of change – wishing for the waves and wind to carry me to a place that I can call home...

(Pic credit: The Animator)

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