Friday 23 December 2011

Closing doors

The slam of the office door as work finishes and Christmas holidays begin is one of the finest sounds on the planet.

For two whole weeks, I am not required to show up, speak up or earn my keep. There will be no meetings, no drafting of PR strategies or media releases, no raising of profiles, or persuading of superiors to stay 'on message'.

I do have a couple of freelance pieces to write and one interview to do, but they will be in my own time and on my own terms. For the next two weeks, I plan to get familiar with a good book, sunshine and the back garden. There will be time to socialise with friends, work on the house and while away the hours with Baby Bristol. It's been a tough old year and I need this holiday more than I've possibly ever needed a break. I CANNOT wait.


  1. Hey guys, have a very happy Christmas and New Year. Loving the blog and keeping upto date with what you're both upto. Enjoy the new house and Baby Bristol!

    xx Kurt

  2. Hey Kurt, Merry Christmas to you too! Hope it isn't too cold in London Town. Sending you hugs and sunshine from the Southern Hemisphere. Hope to be in London again next year so will have to catch up with you and the girls then.

    Hope you've been a good boy and Santa is kind to you..


  3. Hey there Shazza,
    Wishing you both a VERY Merry Xmas!! Look forward to a catch up at some point. Maybe over the festive season?? Would love to see the house and meet the 'little man' - as would Bozley! Hope you enjoy some down time and the sunshine!!! Wellington on a good day - you just can't beat it!
    Love Sarah and Glenn

  4. Hey Sarah, Merry Xmas to you too. We are hoping to progress the renovations over the break - promise to have you guys over when they are done. And by then the wee man may have calmed down a bit too! Enjoy that glorious sunshine. Certainly very different to last year when we were stuck at Heathrow because of the snow!



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