Saturday, 10 December 2011

Summery Saturday

Wellington, New Zealand

Saturday, December 10, 2011

22 degrees, a big fat sun and a few lazy clouds for effect.

We should have been painting, building, finishing the myriad of things that are still to be done. But it was too glorious a day to be inside, so we pottered in the garden, cut some of the gorgeous roses in our front yard (and the divine magnolia that is currently filling the kitchen with its heady scent), and Vitamin D loaded.

Baby Bristol leapt about as though he had won the lottery: both parents home and available to play. He insisted on running up and down the stairs; I told him to stop before his too-long nails ripped up the new carpet but he looked as me as if to say 'whatever, mama'.

Later there was Thai takeout and a buttery Martinborough chardonnay in the garden. I do love me a sunny Saturday.

*Check out the Animator's pic of the rose, complete with pollinating bee...

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