Tuesday 13 December 2011

Turning Japanese

A couple of years ago, I was offered an Air NZ media junket to Tokyo and Kyoto.

Given as I ADORE Japanese food, and the quirky Japanese sense of style, it took me less time to agree than it does to say 'konichiwa'.

And yes, it was everything I thought it would be; here's the link to one of my travel pieces from that trip.

I was reminded of my week in Japan (far too short, would love to go back and take the Animator who's never been) today when I had to find a secret santa gift for work, a task that usually has me grinding my teeth and wishing I worked from home. But then I chanced upon this crazy ass Japanese emporium of amazingly weird but fun stuff - the kind of things you never knew you needed, but wondered how you ever did without.

And in this Aladdin's Cave of tat I found this banana holder (below), the perfect receptacle for transporting your, surprise, surprise, banana. Call me crazy - I'd be disappointed if you didn't - but I love it, especially given that a banana recently split in my bag and I spent the first 10 minutes of my workday wiping pulverised fruit off my wallet, sunglasses, etc.

I'm very, very tempted to hold onto this puppy, but can't bear the thought of braving the shops again, so this will have to form part of my secret santa gift. Lucky bastard who gets it....


  1. Really Shaz......you do know that not all banana's are the same shape and therefore not all banana's will fit in this contraption.......as such, I will call you crazy!! CRAZY! ;) xxx

  2. Isn't there some mental EU diktat that all bananas have to be the same shape and size?! But seriously, it is the coolest piece of crap I've ever seen...I need to go get me one.

    Btw, you owe me an email!




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