Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Last December 25 we were in San Francisco with the beloved Molly and our friends Doug and Suzi. It wasn't snowing, but it was definitely sweater and open fire time.

This year, we've celebrated the day in our new home with glorious sunshine, no wind and Baby Bristol. Oh and these wickedly delicious 'Flirtini' cocktails.

Sending love and sunshine to all the readers but especially to my friends on the other side of the world who are just beginning their Christmas Day.


  1. Happy Christmas guys - It's surprisingly mild in London this year! I also have to see Tin-Tin now, looks awesome. Take care and have a rocking 2012. xx Kurt

  2. Happy Christmas to you guys too - hope the girls like Tin Tin. Glad to hear the snow has stayed away from London this year.

    Happy New Year mate and hope to see you in 2012




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