Saturday, 3 December 2011


There are worse ways I could spend a few hours than interviewing home owners and snooping around their houses for the interiors magazine I freelance for. Even when someone's personal style is a million miles from mine, I still get an extremely large kick from seeing how people's creativity translates into their physical environment.

Today, however, the journalism Wheel of Fortune arrow came to rest on 'Amazing'. I was privileged to interview a woman with the most astonishing back story: two years ago, fire razed her home to the ground and she lost everything, including her beloved dog. She spent a month in a coma and four months in various burns units around NZ and now bears the highly visible scars of having had third degree burns to 56% of her body. But this courageous and classy woman picked herself up and rebuilt her life and her home which, I have to say, is pretty bloody cool. There are a couple of pics below, so judge for yourself.

An amazing Saturday morning, by anyone's standards...

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