Monday 19 December 2011

Martha would be so ashamed

So this is where your mind goes to when you're exhausted and trying to juggle two jobs, organise house renovations and co-ordinate Christmas functions: to making your own gift wrapping.

In the magazine, it looked cool and quirky; in reality, my 'snowflake made from drinking straws' decoration looks like something that emerged from Bristol's tiny arse.

Seeing as I am shortly due for dinner at my former colleague Jo's place (who, conveniently, lives about a minute from my house), I have no time left to faff around with the munted snowflake. I console myself with the thought that it's Secret Santa, so no-one at work will know who was responsible for this abomination.

(Have just uploaded the pic and realised the full horror of my creative endeavours; good news is the snowflake is history. Will bung a bit of fresh holly from the garden on there and be done with it).

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