Thursday, 16 February 2012

A blast from the past

Summer isn't, thankfully, done with us yet. But the sun isn't exactly ripping off its drawers first thing in the morning.

So for today's walk to work, I reached for a cotton jacket I haven't worn for the longest time. Halfway down Pirie Street I put my hands in the pocket and what did I find? This shopping list from the UK. I know it's from my Bristol Sainsbury days, because those divine Belvita fig breakfast biscuits I was dangerously addicted to have yet to make it here.

Yes, it's only a scrunched up old post-it note but my God, it stopped me in my tracks. I've said it before, moving countries is not as simple as collecting airmiles and padding the bank account of shipping companies.

I've slotted back into NZ more easily than I thought. But then something like this happens and I'm reminded that this time last year my life looked and felt very, very different.

Made me feel a bit odd all day.


  1. When you need your biscuit fix let me know!

    P.s moving house going slowly, more stuff to sell but getting there xx

  2. You are a darling! Will 'fill my boots' when I'm back there later this year...

    Glad to hear the house moving is happening - hope the snow has disappeared


  3. Loving the blog sweetie. This last one hit a note with me as well as I am completely homesick the last couple of weeks. I've also found bits and pieces in pockets, bags etc. Shells, pennies and shopping lists like yourself. Feeling rather odd myself..

  4. Hey doll, great to hear from you but sorry homesickness has kicked in. I seem to recall you saying you were planning a trip later this year? And if you and David ever want to escape for a kid-free weekend in NZ, we'd love to host you...we are also overdue a visit to Melbourne to come see you guys...
    But hang in there does get easier




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