Friday, 17 February 2012

Not your usual Friday night

Tonight after work instead of heading for the pub, I interviewed the writer/director and lead actress of NZ's first spaghetti western (cutely nicknamed the 'Pavlova Western') for a national magazine.

They were warm, witty and had the enviable glow of those courageous enough to follow their dreams, forgoing a house and wedding to self-fund NZ's first western. I love that my freelancing gives me a ring-side seat to such passion and drive and pray that the power of osmosis has helped me to absorb some of it.

Below are some of the screen grabs of the feature film which show how lush the Central Otago countryside is and how wonderfully it works as a stand-in for the Wild West. I have a hotly anticipated date with a press copy of the film tonight (after I finish my Espanol homework, of course). Could Friday nights get any better?

(Pic credit: Good for Nothing)

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