Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Thank you, universe

Despite the trauma of dragging myself into work after three glorious days off, the universe rewarded me today with these wee gems:
  • Two travel and two lifestyle magazine commissions fetched up in my inbox. Including a profile of my lovely mate Mary, a photographer/poet/PR chick whose stunning new book of photos on NZ is published later this year (commissioned by this national magazine)

  • The discovery of cheap flights to San Francisco, just about the time we're planning to fly
  • The further discovery of a Spanish course near us that runs Saturday morning classes
  • The news that a mate from London is back in town (or will be shortly), and
  • The even more welcome news that our flight to Auckland tomorrow for yet another roadshow has been put back, meaning this little girly gets to have the tiniest of sleep-ins.

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