Sunday, 5 February 2012

How to spend Sunday morning at the beach

Get up indecently early. Ensure there is an over-supply of water and doggy poo bags.

Do not let the Animator stop for coffee; there will be time enough later on.

Let the fur baby run amok and play silly buggars with the incoming tide; watch as he sniffs oodles of canine butt and attempts to break the World Record for Peeing by leaving his scent on every pebble, blade of grass, piece of seaweed.

Be disappointed there are no courtship rituals to be surreptitiously observed at Wellington's only gay nudist beach. Realise that's because it's sodding 9.00am on a Sunday.

Get home, eat pancakes, watch the omnibus of Home and Away. Gird loins for another day of renovations.

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