Wednesday 9 January 2013

Missing him

Things I really should be doing right now:

1) going for a run
2) finishing an article on vasectomy (I shit you not), and
3) writing a grocery list.

Things I really shouldn't be doing now:

1) tootling around food blogs, looking for a way to use up the bowl of strawberries that is currently holding high-level talks with mould
2) wandering around the house, picking up the Hound's toys and pressing them to my chest like a lunatic. And saying to nobody, "Gosh the house feels empty without him".

This morning, I dropped Bristol off at a groomer we've never used before to have various things things done to his coat, nails and anal glands (don't ask). Since his arrival almost 14 months ago, he has been a constant  presence in our home. So it's strange not to have him curled into his customary position next to me while I work, to not have him follow me down the stairs while I make a cup of tea, hoping my hand will stray towards the treats cupboard. It's an odd feeling and I don't particularly like it.    

Post script: When I picked him up, the groomer asked if she could keep him. We really are the luckiest folk on the planet to be in possession of such an angel. Here's what he looked like at 8.00am, and then rocking  his newly shorn look an hour or so ago...


  1. How cute is he? I'm not surprised the groomer wanted to keep him; I'm with her...

    Marie xox

  2. So cute I want to eat him up! And he has the sweetest nature to go with it....

    I think this blog definitely needs more pictures of him.




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