Thursday 10 January 2013

The Killing

It's a little surreal to sit in your living room, wearing shorts while the sun blazes outside, watching a drama about a murder in a cold, grey Danish landscape.

But years after the rest of the world twigged to the brilliance of The Killing, a series set in wintery Copenhagen - and British colleagues, and The Guardian, repeatedly referred to it in awed tones - I have finally rented the first season and for the last three nights the Animator and I have been having ourselves a sunlight-free marathon, wolfing down episode after episode of this riveting crime drama.

And oh the tension, the bombshells, the puzzles, the investigative cul-de-sacs and clues that lead nowhere. I am hooked. It's also fun to play the "We've been there" game, spotting locations we visited on our trip to Copenhagen a few years back.

The only thing I won't be converting to is Sarah Lund's nasty Faroese jumpers; come winter and I will NOT be rocking one of those. Fact.


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