Tuesday 29 January 2013

Not a good day

Today all was not well behind the velvet rope of sunshine.

There was major fuckupedness on the corporate front, website links that didn't work when they were supposed to, media releases that didn't contain the information they should have, more tension than an average week in the Middle East.

Perhaps the heat is getting to everyone.

I'm afraid all I can offer today are more images of ridiculously cute four-legged creatures. But when you're knackered and over it, Tumblr is a glorious, mind-numbing, time-wasting hole.

 (Pic Credit: Tumblr)    


  1. Yes, think you're spot on - the heat is making everyone a little fractious. Never thought we'd say that in Welly, eh?

    Hope your week gets better

    Kate xox

  2. Thanks Kate. Yes, there does seem to be an excess of grumpy folk around at the mo, which is just plain silly when it's so nice outdoors.

    Oh well, two days to go till the weekend...




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