Sunday 1 December 2013

Our visitor from San Francisco

Our gorgeous friend Sheryl arrived today - fresh from a week's diving in Hawaii.

Thankfully, the God of Good Weather travelled on her tail-wind, and we were able to eat pancakes, visit beaches and sit in our backyard in blazing sunshine catching up on a year's chit-chat (she was here about this time last year).

Sadly, Sheryl's visit was all too fleeting, and she heads off on a three-day kayaking trip to Nelson tomorrow. What she left was this amazeballs bag of goodies from my second favourite store in the world, Sephora (Zara being my first), and this bag of doggie cookies which apparently had the Customs dudes at Auckland Airport shaking their heads (but, thankfully for Bristol, they deemed acceptable).

No pics of Sheryl herself ("After 24 hours of flying from a small Hawaiian island, I look and feel like crap") so you will have to make do with these instead.


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