Saturday 15 March 2014

A stupendous end to a long week

Yesterday lunchtime was spent in the company of a hot young chap called Dan who smiled as he fondled my naked thighs.

Sadly, it wasn't as much fun as it sounds: Dan is a physio who I succumbed to after finally accepting that the ostrich approach isn't terribly effective in getting rid of the niggly knee injury. And, if I'm honest, although Dan wasn't the ugliest bloke I've ever come across, his massage was on the painful side of the ledger. I am now hobbling even more than before. But the good news is it's fixable and, hopefully (crossing everything on my person), I can get back to the running group on Wednesday.

It was, however, the least painful part of the day; various work challenges and colleagues caused me to think thoughts not exactly consistent with Christian teachings. But that's probably because I'm still slightly jet-lagged and over-tired.

Thankfully, the day ended on a rosy note: I got home to an email from the editor of North & South magazine accepting an essay I'd written about my suburb, Mt Victoria. She called it 'eloquent' and said she hoped it would inspire other writers to explore their feelings for the place they call home. The best/worst bit, depending on your perspective, is that I now have to do a photo shoot with Bristol to illustrate the piece. Oy vey....

Today's visuals are more random pics from Hong Kong. Happy weekend, y'all...


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