Sunday 30 March 2014

Neighbours - and a wedding

Yesterday was Neighbours Day Aotearoa which, apparently, is all about turning neighbours into friends. To mark the occasion, one of our neighbours hosted drinks, which was a chance to meet some very nice peeps who live around the corner. And to share horror stories with those we already know about some of the less desirable folk in our postcode (including the most hated house in the street where a disused fridge has, inexplicably, turned up in the front garden. There seems to be some kind of not-my-problem stand-off going on with the 800 residents - all of whom seem about 12-years old and very few of whom feel the need to hold down a job. Or sleep).
Sadly, we could only stay an hour as we were invited to the wedding reception of the Animator's old colleague Dylan and his bride Becs (first pic). Apologies for the poor quality of these images but the lighting was abysmal and, having dropped my phone far too many times, I fear it is about to give up the ghost.


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