Thursday 27 March 2014

Yesterday's Travel Talk

Was saved for me by my lovely neighbour Jen, as I was too ill to climb out of my sickbed to get a DominionPost. It features the tireless animal rights advocate, Hans Kriek (click here to read). A nicer chap than this would be hard to find.

In other news, the lurgy is still plotting my downfall; it had better be gone by tomorrow as I have drinks with the Mt Vic Vixens on Friday night and a wedding on Saturday.

I have spent the past two days consuming my bodyweight in flu medication, lemon and honey drinks and anything in the bathroom cupboard that vaguely looks like it might help. On reflection, swallowing the wildly out-of-date malaria tablet may not have been my best decision ever but, in my defence, it looked as though it was a member of the Panadol family. And as I haven't broken out in a cold sweat, or grown a third arm yet, it appears there is no harm done.    

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