Saturday 22 March 2014

Get shit done Saturday

I declare today a total success on the work front.

There was the finishing and filing of two stories, one of which - a 1,500 word monster I have been grappling with for weeks - I wish never to sight again. Or even include in my clipping book, so tired am I of its content.

There was the completion of invoices and more lets-suck-the-joy-out-of-life GST prep. But, as my horoscope in the most excellent but vastly overpriced UK Harpers Bazaar (which may, or may not, have fallen into my handbag in business class last week) so succinctly put it, April is a month of getting through my to-do list, no matter how tedious, so that I can take on new challenges. And true, the calendar has not yet wandered into April, but I am getting in early.

Later, there was an interview with the amazingly talented and eternally pleasant Miranda Harcourt (pictured below) for a glossy mag. I've interviewed Miranda a number of times now, and been to her stunning cliff-top home for a shoot a few years back; it was nice to catch up and drink peppermint tea and gossip. Oh and find out stuff for the story.

There is still more of work mountain to scale tomorrow but for now, it's time for red wine and date night with the Animator.

(Pic credit: Johnson & Laird) 


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