Thursday 6 March 2014

Hong Kong

If there was a crown for the slackest blogger ever, it would currently be on my head.

The last few days have been a blur of interviews, amazing hotels, shopping and the chaotic-but-fascinating streets of Honkers. Hard to believe it's been five years between drinks, but this city remains one of my favourites. Oh and there was even a day in China (for shopping).

In lieu of words, here are a few images from the last few days.

Is there anything better after a 12 hour flight than to be picked up by a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow? The outstanding Peninsula Hotel made me feel like royalty my entire three night stay.

There was a traditional afternoon tea at the historic Peninsula with the PR woman (sadly pics are on the camera and I am running late for a dinner with another PR so haven't got time to download them. Suffice to say it was like being transported to the days of the Raj).

Random pics I do have access to include this one, which illustrates what a day's shopping in Shenzhen looks like.

And this equally random street sign which, in my over-tired and over-caffeinated state made me laugh out loud (and yes, this is how bad the photographic quality gets when I travel without the visually gifted Animator).

Today I moved over to the Gateway Hotel, another outstanding property that I never want to leave. This was waiting for me on arrival:

   I am a very lucky girl.

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