Friday 9 September 2011

Bring it on....

And so it begins.

After 2122 days of waiting, the world's biggest rugby party is about to begin.

Tonight, the long wait will be over and what promises to be New Zealand's biggest ever party will kick off the Rugby World Cup.

I’m glad I missed the last two years of in-fighting and finger-pointing, as well as the interminable column inches and hours of tedious media coverage. For once, timing has been on our side and we have arrived just in time for the party.

And you know what, I don’t give a toss about who wins – as long as we beat the English (and the Aussies, the Saffers and the French!)


  1. Bringing in a football analogy...I'm afraid in Rugby the English team are the closest the world has to a want to beat them so badly but ultimately, when it counts, you know you will fail against them :)

    So who are the English of the Rugby world? Got to say it but I think the chokers are NZ!!

  2. They may have been in the past but we are all hoping this time is different...

    But banter is good..I feel a bet coming on? Will be back in London in Jan so we could wager a lunch??!!




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