Thursday 8 September 2011


In a few short hours, my darling friend Anita and her handsome beau Gary (below) will walk down the aisle.

It wouldn't be right for me not to tell you about Anita: not only is she the funniest, loveliest and most fashion conscious woman on the planet, she's also the high priestess of bargains and my shopping patron saint.

Anita, you will make such a beautiful bride and I can only imagine how perfect everything will be. You will not just be the centre of attention, but the master of it.

I hope your special day is everything you hope for and I wish you and Gary even more joy than you already have in your lives.

God how I wish I could teleport myself to the Cotswolds right now...


  1. my darling friend, you were in our hearts and minds, we missed you more than you would know. getting texts from you from the other side of the world as i sat and got my hair done brought a little tear to my eye.xx

  2. oh bless, now you are making me cry!!!

    I am so glad you had a wonderful day and can't wait to see the piccies.

    Believe me when I say I toasted you more than once!! Want to hear all the details in person when I am over in January...




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