Monday 5 September 2011

Room 506

Things I've learnt living in a hotel for the past six weeks:

  • Coming home to find the bed neatly made, the loo cleaned and the dishes done is beyond bliss

  • Ditto the bottle of good wine and the choccies delivered by the hotel angels each Monday

  • No matter how much fabric softner I use, I will never get my towels as fluffy or as white

  • Air conditioning is no friend to the epidermis

  • Those silly wooden hangers are the least user friendly device ever invented. And there are never enough.

  • Having to fight though a sea of conference attendees or art lovers in the foyer just to get to the lift can be a little tiresome after a long day

  • Very few people use hotel gyms

  • All sorts of useless facts about Justin Bieber and the Kardashians, having been too lazy to get off the treadmill and change the channel

  • Being able to say you're living in the Museum Hotel is pretty cool (if a little smug)

  • Not having to pay for the experience is even better. Sometimes I cannot believe our luck.

Room 506, thank you. I miss you already and it's only been half a day....

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