Thursday 29 September 2011


It seems like only yesterday you arrived but today I turned around and you were putting on your coat...

You passed by in a flurry of house offers and counter offers; of buying appliances, booking electricians, borer guys and glaziers; of measurements and conjuring up dream spaces; of juggling a crazy busy contract with freelance deadlines; of smiling through meetings with banks, insurance companies and solicitors.

But here we are, dancing on the cusp of October, and it finally feels like it's all coming together.

Tonight after work I went for a run around the waterfront and ended up sweating like a pig (more information than you need) but, thank God, someone has finally turned on the sun and it truly feels like spring.

October, welcome. I look forward to working on the house, to getting our personal effects from the UK and starting another phase of our lives....

(Pic: Google Images)

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