Friday 16 September 2011

An expensive week

On Wednesday we bought a car.

Today we bought a house!

Well, we went unconditional on the fourth house we've ever bought.

Anyone who knows me knows how utterly useless I am at keeping a secret; for the past two weeks I have been ACHING to tell you about the two-storey, four bedroom, two bathroom 1890 villa in the inner city suburb of Mt Victoria. But I didn't want to jinx it.

Today, however, I was able to ring our real estate agent and solicitor and tell them that the Animator was happy with the property reports and we were good to go.

Below are some images of the exterior of our new whare; there's a good reason for not showing pics of the interior and that's because it is, in real estate parlance, in need of work. Lots of work. Let's just say it won't be gracing the pages of Home & Garden Magazine anytime soon, unlike our last home.

But therein lies the challenge; and it's a challenge we both cannot wait to get stuck into. After 18 months of living in a shitty flat (Bristol), a ritzy hotel and now a rented apartment, I am desperate to get into my own space.

Dear God, will you just make 30 September hurry up and get here...


  1. Congratualtions Shazza - bet you will make it look fantastic. Can't wait to see another of your houses in HOme and Garden.

    Mel x

  2. Fantastic you finally found something and its gorgeous. Very nice! (but not in Thorndon?)

    Catherine xx

  3. I know, crazy eh? But it came up and we knew we could do something with'll have to come see it (but only AFTER we've waved our renovation wand over it!)


  4. Nice pad Sharon. Let's just hope you have nice neighbours too :S


  5. Thanks hon - and there's a spare bedroom for when you make it Downunder...




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