Wednesday 5 October 2011

Another visit from the clothing godmother


I'm sure you’ll agree that eloquence is overrated, or at times like this, anyway.

So, wow it is.

Another two care parcels from my glorious UK personal shopper, Anita, have arrived. Having a can't-find-the-phone-charger moment, hence the rubbish Google pic.

But there were white tops with ruffles, a stunning grey chiffon-trimmed number and a green dress that I would gladly trade my husband for. Wow.

Anita, well done you. I genuflect in the face of your impeccable taste and generosity.


  1. My love you are most welcome. I have finally met my match with someone who totally understands full on shopping needs! more to follow...xx

  2. Yay for you - and for that horrid job where we met! I always say that some good comes out of even the worst contract and that, my love, was you, Frenchie and Yoma.

    Thanks again for your great easily the best dressed woman in Welly thanks to you!! SSx



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