Tuesday 18 October 2011

The three dwarfs

I have officially turned into at least three of the seven dwarfs: Sleepy, on account of stress and the rash that is currently playing havoc with my slumber; Dopey, because of the aforementioned insomnia, and Grumpy because of all of the above (and more).

I am subsequently paying an unprecedented number of visits to my happy place this week – the arrival of our stuff from the UK. The nice but dim shipping chick has just told me the ship did indeed arrive in Welly on Saturday and our 51 items have been collected from the wharf. They now being held hostage by the Customs and Ag & Forestry bods.

Crossing everything on my person that I won't have to wait too long (and that it won't be too expensive to liberate them!)

(Pic credit: Disney)

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