Wednesday 12 October 2011

Warning: post contains "women's stuff"

Today a total stranger grabbed my breasts, shoved them between two plates of glass and squashed the buggery out of them.

And oh the pain: it grabbed me by the mammaries, leaving me a shivering, whimpering mess.

My pain threshold has never been high (hence my aversion to childbirth), but today's mammogram hurt so much I cried out several times, found it hard to breathe and was tempted to ask the radiographer if she was open to bribes.

But with a shocking SEVEN woman a day in NZ being diagnosed with breast cancer (that is not a typo, yes seven women per day in little ole NZ), I realised I had to suck it up.

Three hours later and the poor girls are still aching. I am now going to self medicate with chocolate because if there is pain, then there must be Whittaker's Dark Almond chocolate.

1 comment:

  1. Poor you hun but good on you for doing it! You're right our breast cancer rates are shocking so well done...



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