Saturday 15 October 2011


Between furious bouts of scratching (fleas in the carpet we ripped up; don't ask) and the Animator's snoring (too many wines; also don't ask) I got hardly any sleep last night.

But as mental as it sounds, I'm glad for the snoring. It means that my love is safe, warmly tucked up next to me.

With so much emotional stuff going on with moving countries, buying and renovating a house, our stuff arriving and missing my dear UK friends, right now I am truly grateful for those who love and support me. Near or far, you know who you are. Thank you.

(Pic: Google Images)

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  1. Hey Sweetie, I would say try and slow down but I know how driven and what a workaholic you are! But yes, there are lots of us who love you guys and will support you however you need it. God knows you've done it for others before!! As you always say to me, 'Remember the yoga breathing' and remember to take some time out for you and you will be fine. And dont ever stop making us laugh on the blog.

    Mel xox



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