Saturday 8 October 2011


Today I spent hours up a ladder devising various forms of torture for the fuckwit who invented wallpaper (and its equally vile sibling, wallpaper paste).

Take it from me people, you should NEVER, EVER USE WALLPAPER. EVER. Not only is it ugly, it's also a bastard to remove. Spare a thought for those who come after you who wish to erase your bad taste.

Ever the optimist, I have managed to chisel a few beams of sunlight from today's dark shaft of misery, namely a visit to the locked cupboard under the stairs of our rental property where I was reunited with ornaments and clothing I haven't seen for 18 months. Glorious.

Now, to my eternal shame, I have blown off going into town to watch the rugby extravaganza that's on this weekend. I am far too tired to do much more than order a takeout, crack open a bottle of red and turn on the telly to see (hopefully) Ireland kill the Welsh (and, later, for the French to wake up and do the same to the Poms). Bring it on...

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