Sunday 16 October 2011

This weekend was brought to you by DIY

This weekend's torture included:
  • screwing various things into the wall and unscrewing other things

  • carting heavy bits of timber up to the garden shed. This involved negotiating a steep flight of stairs and avoiding random rusty nails that taunted me with the fact it's been an age since my last tetanus injection.

  • rubbing sandpaper of various thickness against almost every visible surface. I now have fine dust in my hair, clothes and in places where dust was never designed to be. At this rate, I'll be finding it for the next week. Still, it's an ideal displacement activity for flea-induced scratching.

Quote of the week goes to the Animator:

You are not to be trusted with power tools. You'll just go and stuff it up and I'll have to do it over.”

In honour of that vote of confidence, here are some pics of the man himself...

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