Saturday 29 October 2011


Today, dear reader, I have three words for you: gorgeous, dog and ours.

We have just saved this delightful bundle of grey fur and indeterminate breed from death row (aka the Wellington City Pound).

In three weeks he will turn our duo into a trio, after we're all moved in and the nasty nails, paint and sharp objects have been put away.

This afternoon Vicki, the animal control officer, brought him over to see if he'd like us (and to check that the property was escape proof). And I cannot even begin to tell you how much we fell under his spell.

Today I rediscovered just how sweet doggie kisses are. November 18 CANNOT come quickly enough.

Name to be decided...


  1. Oh Shazza, he is gorgeous! And you'll go to heaven for saving him from death row!

    Mel xx

  2. How adorable!!! He is just sooooo cute. How old is he?? Do you know anything about his history and how he ended up in the pound in the first place? Can't wait to meet him - and Bozley is always keen to add to his circle of friends!!What a lovely addition to the family!

  3. thanks hon...he's either two or three, they're not sure. He was found wandering around Tawa and when they tracked down the owners (he is microchipped) they didn't want to know about him! But their loss is very much our gain.

    Once this blessed renovation is over (!) and we and doggy are moved in will get you guys over. SSx

  4. Will definitely look forward to that!!! Hope all the renovations are going well.
    Sarah xxx



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