Sunday 30 October 2011

When freelancing turns good

One of my non-negotiables when I moved back to NZ was no more moonlighting.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had two jobs: a PR contract during daylight hours and freelance journalism gigs wedged into evenings and weekends. A few years ago, I recall looking at my diary and in the whole year, I only had two weekends when I wasn't bashing away at a laptop. Even when I was in Bristol, I landed a freelance contract with the excellent Food Magazine.

But when we returned to Welly in July, I decided that I wanted my life back. And so I have – until recently when calls from editors have started rolling in. And I have reverted to my usual inability to utter the magical word 'No'.

But I am going to try and limit it to a few favourites, including NZ's Your Home & Garden Mag (above), which I have scribbled for since Joan Rivers was wearing her original nose. I even wrote up our previous family home for it.

Today the Animator allowed me to escape the renovation gulag for a few hours so I could interview a gorgeous couple and nose around their fantastic house in the Wellington hills. Not only did they ply me with red wine, they also insisted I took home a jar of their home-made tomato chutney. Beautiful...


  1. Sounds like everything's back to normal and mayhem where you don't say no has kicked in :-) See my email, I was talking about you to a couple very much into interior design. Send us a link to your picsxxxx

  2. Yes, sometimes I just want the world to stop so I can get off! But hell, we wouldn't be us, would we, if we just pottered along at five miles an hour? As the Animator always says, I have two speeds - full out or full stop!

    Hope it's not getting too cold over there?




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