Monday 6 August 2012

A good first day

Having finished my latest PR contract on Friday, I am now taking a few weeks out to complete some corporate writing/long overdue journalism commissions and generally have a breather after what has been a crazy year.

And what better way to celebrate my temporary escape from the corporate gulag than a midday walk in the glorious sunshine with two of the Mt Vic Vixens and their dogs, coffee along Oriental Parade and pretending that I'm familiar with the concept of  ladies who lunch (with not too much persuading, I'm sure I could be).

There was work, of course: the tapping out of an organisation's annual report and, later, finally starting the long overdue Your Home & Garden story on our place. But that was done to the accompaniment of soft jazz, a steady stream of green tea and this little fellow who was deliriously happy that he had someone to play with.

I had forgotten how very much I like to work from home, so for now this will suit me fine....

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