Friday 24 August 2012


I was raised a Catholic, so guilt is the fuel I run on (leaving the church doesn't, sadly, expunge the guilt).

One thing I've been feeling terribly guilty about lately is what a rubbish friend I am: working two jobs and trying to hold it together isn't the easiest thing in the world and one of the early casualties is friendships.

I've been back from the UK for just over a year and I'm terribly ashamed to admit that I've only seen my lovely friend Janice once in that time. Today, we finally aligned our diaries and met for lunch; it was so nice to see her and fill in the gaps of the past year. And to laugh in the way you can only do with old, true friends. We made a solemn promise not to wait so long between drinks next time and I am planning to stick to that.



  1. Hey you! I've been rubbish too! Thought of you at boot and naturally bought you some stuff. Miss you lovely xxxx

  2. Hey gorgy, emailed you today. Hope you enjoy your August bank holiday, V jealous.

    Dying to hear what you bought. Lemme know what you want from China




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