Wednesday 8 August 2012

The end of a relationship

I'm sad to announce that working from home and I have broken up.

Just as I was getting used to sleeping in, breakfasting with my favourite blogs, doing a bit of scribbling, lunching with Dr Phil and taking Bristol for an afternoon run, my old contract called and asked me to come back. This Friday! So in the end, the romance only lasted four days (admittedly longer than some of my other 'relationships' but there you go...)

I get the bit about cloud/silver lining, etc but jeez I will miss spending time with my baby and wearing trackies and slippers all day. Hopefully after this next contract, I will learn how to say the word 'No'. And mean it...

No photos today because the weather turned even more feral so instead, here's another of those supposed-to-be-enlightening-but-actually-slightly-depressing 'pearls of wisdom' (which is code for, I can't be arsed finding anything better to illustrate this page).      

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