Sunday 12 August 2012


The Sunday Star Times 'Sunday' magazine today ran my feature on the Suits Vs Hoodies debate, which was sparked by the widely derided Mark Zuckerberg dressing-down incident a few months ago.

The layout looked great and it should put a stop to those "When is it being used?" emails from the interviewees. Hope they like it.

Later, there was an inspection of our rental property as the tenants move out today. They have been pretty good, if a little lacking with the duster/Hoover action. A lovely Irish couple move in next Saturday and I sense there will be a few after work sessions this week doing such exciting things as cleaning properly, touching up paint spots, changing light bulbs, etc. Somewhere in there I also need to churn out a few freelance pieces and get my head around a couple of corporate commissions. Oh, and do a day job.

Jesus, bet you're wishing you were me about now...

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