Sunday, 4 November 2012

High tea

There was bubbly, delicate little cakes and a chocolate fountain. And floral displays to be judged and Christmassy things to be admired.

My friend Donna's Sparkle and Style event was a lot of fun and although it's not something I'd normally attend, in the spirit of the Summer of Yes it was the perfect way to bid adieu to the weekend.


  1. Hi Sharon, Its Alana Bicknell (Doidge) would love to get in touch, not sure how to so hope you dont mind me commenting on this post. Hope you and Martin are well, its been way too long. Anyway, just let the UK after 12 years, not sure how keen I am to be back but giving it a go.If you are keen to get in touch, email address is or 021 1160800. Lana x

  2. Hiya hon, good to hear from you. Wow, that's a long time to be away. We were living in Bristol with Marty;s job - returned last year. Have to say, unlike the first time I got back from the UK in the 90s, this time I was really happy to be back - at least the economy here is better. But understand how hard it can be to return. Got a crazy busy day today but will call you later - are you in Welly???


  3. Hi, yes I am in Wellington, not loving this wind again but enjoying being here all the same. Hope your day yesterday wasnt too crazy..



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