Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Today I have been

  • Finishing a magazine article that I am on deadline for. Sadly, I still have two interviews to do until I can get anywhere near the finish line but that doesn't seem to have stopped the procrastination police from stopping by.
  • Running. Managed to drag my lardy arse out for a jog along the waterfront. Was stopped four times by folk wanting to pat, and chat about, His Highness. I am going to have to start the Bristol Fan Club.
  • Listening to the Black Keys and kicking myself for not going to their Welly gig the other night.
  • Lunching in the sun with a book and Baby Bristol. I do love it when the sun comes out on my working from home days.
  • Feeling guilty about turning down an offer of work from a previous contract. As much as I loved that place (my favourite workplace to date), I treasure the two days I work from home and am not ready to give that up. Plus, my freelance dance card is pretty full and I have no wish to fill every waking hour with work (been there, got the t-shirt, etc).
  • Geeking out over the US elections. I fear the laptop's 'refresh' button may be worn out by tonight. But here's hoping the day brings a win for this courageous and inspiring man.      

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