Sunday, 18 November 2012

Today was spent

  • Drinking green tea and eating cake with an old work buddy, Farahmand. Very touched that he remembered my favourite flowers (Christmas lillies, since you ask) and bought me a bunch. The house now overfloweth with floral decorations.  
  • Dog walking, doing laundry and trying to ignore the fact that I have not done any work this weekend 
  • Watching the last Bond movie in preparation for the new one (and No is the answer to the question: can a girl ever have enough of Daniel Craig?)   
  • In the company of a woman with the strongest Aussie accent and the worst hairstyle in Christendom  as she demonstrated how to use the KitchenAid. Yeah, I am one of those saddos who watches the DVDs that come with over-priced appliances. What's even worse is that I'm so loathe to tarnish my new stand mixer that I have yet to use it. Nor am I likely to have the time to do so this week. But I'm not bothered; when something looks this good, who cares if it works or not?        
Here is a repeat screening of the Red Baron (as it has since been christened). If sexy kitchen appliances don't push your buttons, then you may wish to move quietly towards the exits, because I guarantee there will be more KitchenAid porn before the year is out.

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