Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Parcel of Goodness

Today wasn't the best day ever in Shazzyland.

Lunch in the park with a friend was rained on, I had to deal with a colleague who'd ODed on grumpy pills and I didn't get as far as I wanted on a work project. Am guessing, however, that the dude I saw tonight scraping chewing gum off a Cambridge Terrace bus-stop and eating it was probably having a worse day than me.

The plus side of the ledger was balanced out by this wee bundle of goodness that was awaiting me when I got home. The clothing fairy has waved her wand and these two gorgy dresses and cool grey top are now mine. Apparently there are still THREE more parcels floating around the ether (touching every piece of wood I can find that they're not lost) that will hopefully find their way to me in the next few days.



  1. Yay for new clothes!! Love the top! Miss you hun xx

    (PS. I've just tried 3 times to decipher that dumb Captcha text in order to post this - grrrr - there are other options to beat spam chick, perhaps you should try them. Captcha sux!! - here goes, 4th time lucky?)

  2. Yay it worked! Miss you too and if you know of how to get ride of that stooopid Captcha thingy email me STAT!

    missing you too hon - when you down next?




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