Friday, 2 November 2012

Today was made of...

  • Skyping the lovely Anita in Gloucestershire. Not sure why it's taken us more than a year to do this but  today we finally conquered technology and enjoyed a good old goss. Shame we couldn't quite get the cameras to work but we covered a lot of ground in an hour and half.
  • A visit from my photographer mate Nic to recce our place for the Your Home & Garden Magazine shoot in a couple of weeks; her tales of a recent work trip to Transylvania had me in stitches.
  • Another couple of magazine commissions to fill my dance card.
  • A wee gift from our estate agent for our first anniversary in this house.  
  • Thai takeout (and a buttery Chardonnay) for dinner
  • This little fullah who played happily with any number of big dogs at the park on our walk this afternoon. He really is "the still point in my turning world"...    

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