Friday, 30 November 2012

My new ride

I popped out for a coffee today - and ended up buying a car!

As many of you know, I couldn't be less enamoured of the Fiat if I tried (link to story here).

It constantly chides me with its irrational beeping and is sucky on hills. The Animator, of course, adores it but we will never be friends.

Today I finally stopped my whingeing and purchased this cute Rav 4. My bank account is now emptier than Kim Kardashian but at least I've got something to sleep in if the economic Grim Reaper ever comes a-calling.

I pick it up tomorrow and am excited, with a very large side of happiness.

Ironically, my ownership papers tell me the paint colour is 'champagne' which is fitting since I plan on consuming quite a lot of bubbles over the next few weeks (and walking home afterwards, of course!)



  1. So you were just out to get coffee, and you ended up buying a car! Girl, that escalated quickly! Well, if you’re not happy with the Fiat, then I think it’s a great decision for you to look for a new car. One factor in buying cars is that you should be happy with it, since you did spend a large amount of money for it. I think it’s just right that you be comfortable and happy while driving the car.

  2. Economically, a used car is definitely cheaper than a brand new one. But if you’re going to consider the performance and long-term usage of a car, brand new is much better. If you’re looking for cars, try to weigh the factors first.



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