Friday, 23 November 2012


Began badly when the doorbell rang at 8.00am (Friday is my working from home aka sleep in day). It was a friend from the hood and her gorgy wee doggie Poppy, who we've long joked is Bristol's girlfriend.

She brought Poppy over to say goodbye because, due to a relationship breakup, today she has to relinquish her wee dog to her ex partner. She, and we, were in tears.


Thankfully, the day got a little better: there was work, a visit to my clothes woman, the library and a dog walk with Bristol's new GF, Dobbie, and her mum Laura.

Am spending the next two days cloistered in NZ's first outpost of the renowned French cuisine school, Le Cordon Bleu, on a foodie "boot camp" for a story for a magazine. So no weekend for this wee girl...

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