Thursday, 29 November 2012

Places in the Heart writing competition

Apologies. Several overseas readers have emailed to ask if I could post the story for which I won the North & South Magazine's Places in the Heart competition this year. I have no excuse for not doing so until now, so here's the link.  

As I may have mentioned, I've written for this national monthly for years, but in a journalistic capacity, never in the first-person, essay style that this competition requires. For some reason I gave it a whirl this year and, lo and behold, someone further up the food chain thought it was okay.

I may not, however, win many fans with this somewhat blunt account of life in Wainuiomata, the small town where I grew up. The Animator jokes I may have to buy a flak jacket. But it's my story and I aimed to tell it as honestly as possible...

(For Kiwi readers, the story and the accompanying photo competition are in the Dec issue of North & South, pictured below) 


  1. Woop Woop Shazzy, that is a FANTASTIC story! I'n not surprised you won, you smarty pants.

    Was moving and memorable - but I'd expect nothing less from you!

    Drinks are on you...


  2. Thanks hon, yes was a very pleasant surprise. But glad you liked it and defo lets catch up soon


  3. Loved, loved your story.

    Truly inspiring too!




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