Sunday 24 November 2013


An epic weekend of wine and food and olive oil and chocolate. We returned from the Wairarapa with punnets of the freshest strawberries ("Picked this morning," said the teenage girl who was selling them from the side of the road, the biggest umbrella I've ever seen shielding  her from the vicious midday sun).

Yes peeps, it was HOT! Like 29 degrees today. And pretty much the same yesterday. This is what happens when you spend your weekend interviewing clever winemakers, chefs, bar owners, chocolatiers and olive oil producers, when you drink in their passion and enthusiasm and absolute love of what they do as eagerly as you swallow litres of water, and wine, in an attempt to rehydrate. And forget to put on sunscreen first.

To the good folk at Destination Wairarapa who hosted us, a thousand thank yous. It was a beautiful weekend and we enjoyed every minute. So much so, we started playing the 'we should get a weekend place here' game. This can only end in good things.

The Animator, of course, took hundreds of fantabulous images which he is now sorting for the magazine. They, however, will have to wait for another time as  my eyes are closing and it's time for bed.  

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