Wednesday 27 November 2013

Why we should all do more yoga

After a frantic race to deadline this morning, I spent more time than I should have at my neighbour's house, drinking rooibos tea and eating the most divine salted caramel chocolate. We haven't seen other for a while, and she's going through some major life changes, so there was much to catch up on.

I should really be doing some work instead of tootling around in blogland, but I had to share this remarkable story I came across yesterday. The Guardian tells it better than I can but the story is about a couple, Sonny Jacobs and Peter Pringle, who were both wrongly accused, and both faced the death penalty, for eerily similar crimes - he in Ireland, she in Florida. After being exonerated, they met via Amnesty International and now live a simple life in the wilds of Ireland. But what got me most about their story is that although the wrongful convictions swallowed huge chunks of their lives - she spent 17 years in prison, he 15 - both refuse to be angry about it. They say what got them through their sentences, and still does, is yoga, meditation and forgiveness (link to story here).  

I don't want to get all Oprah on yo asses, but Peter's attitude is pretty friggin amazing:

 "Life has turned out beautifully," says Peter. "Sure, it's not without its difficulties. We have no money. But we do good work. We are at peace. And we have a great life together. We look forward, and we live in the moment."

Probably time to dust off my yoga mat...

(Pic Credit: The Guardian)

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