Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The best news!

Two weeks ago, I trotted off to have my breasts fondled by a lovely South African woman.

Yesterday I received the news that the pesky lump wasn't cancerous. But, being the nosy jouno I am, I wanted to know more: why hadn't the first screen two years ago picked up the lump, why did I have to discover it myself and then be shunted into the private system's bewildering array of ultra-sounds and needles? And why did none of their correspondence with me make reference to a lump or the monitoring of said lump? I thought it would make a good article because if I wasn't given all the answers then surely there were others in the same boat?

I ended up chatting at length to the clinical director who must be in line for the 'world's nicest chap' award, who patiently demystified the screening process and talked through my x-rays and what they meant. Result: one satisfied, and happy, camper.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the system does work...



  1. Yay Shazzy that is fantastic news! So pleased for you - you must be hugely relieved. And good on you for demanding answers because it's not always easy to get those out of medical professionals, in my experience.

    Mel xox

  2. Hey doll, that's so sweet of you to say and yes, a huge relief. I still have to go back to my doc for a final checkup but should be fine.

    Hope all good with you too




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