Wednesday 20 November 2013

Things that happened today

  • I burned my feet standing on the bricks in our back garden
  • A load of washing dried in about two hours. Tops.
  • While furiously stabbing the keyboard for an 1,800 word feature I was commissioned yesterday (!) I noticed I was sweating (because of the heat, not because I was pissed off with my editor)
  • Bristol's sometime dog-sitter who came over to take him for a walk described him as "lethargic" and keen on as short a walk as possible     
  • All the veges the Animator planted last weekend have been holding high-level talks with dehydration  
  • I changed the duvet to the thinnest one we have. And it's still too hot.
  • Dinner was salad and a glass of wine in the garden. In blazing sun. At 7.30pm.
J'adore you summer. For realz.

This was the view from my garden tonight.  

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