Sunday 10 November 2013

No Kidding!

About six or seven years ago (if I wasn't so afflicted by can't-be-arsedness I would go look it up in my clipping folder) I did a feature for NEXT Magazine about women who don't want kids. As with the numerous other pieces I've done on this subject, I used myself in the into.

In the course of the piece, I interviewed an Australian member of No Kidding! a non-profit social group for those who, for whatever reason, have never felt the need to litter this already overpopulated planet with their progeny. At the time, I remember wishing there was a NZ chapter of the group which, since being conceived in Canada in 1984, has grown to 48 groups globally. As though to taunt me, the week I left for the UK in 2010, Wellington got a chapter.

It's taken us almost two years to get our act together sufficiently to attend one of their events and, today, we and the Hound woke indecently early for a Sunday to drive to Upper Hutt for our first No Kidding! meet-up - a two hour slog up ridiculously steep hills along the Cannon Point Walkway. Our hard work and sweat were rewarded with great views, fun folk and lots of laughs. And, as the only canine present, everyone fell in love with Bristol and spoiled him rotten. Which is nothing less than he deserves.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine. A lovely day with our kind of peeps. We will be back, especially for their events that involve alcohol (pub quizzes) and food (dinners, barbies,etc). The best part, though? I got to wear my sunglasses, which managed to conceal my hideously peeling face.


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